KNOMO LONDON iPhone 6 Snap Case

Hi readers,

After exchanging my iPhone 6 Plus for the 6, consequently I had to change my iPhone case. The impression the KNOMO Snap Case for 6 Plus left on me was impressive and decided to just switch it for the smaller size.

The design for this case consists of two materials. A silicon edging around the bezels and a leather backing. The use of mixed media is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. The silicon creates better grip when holding the phone and the leather backing also helps (I have found the phone a little slippery without the case). The form factor sits flush to the phone, meaning it is very thin and does not add to much to the width of the phone.
The snap case has clear cut outs, at the bottom for the headphone jack, lighting port and speakers. Furthermore, there are cut outs for the power button, volume buttons, camera and flash and the mute switch. I prefer to have cut outs as it facilitates easier use. On the other hand it does create a problem…

In terms of protection it does not help too much. If you drop the phone on a hard surface it will be a little risky. But for a person who hardly drops their phone this has never been a problem.

Overall, I was more impressed by this case than the first party Apple leather case. The Apple Case leather was not the best quality and the covering of the buttons does not appeal to me. I think the KNOMO snap case is firstly inexpensive, priced at £20 and has functionality and aesthetic qualities.
I would rate this 7 out of 10 and would definitely recommend it to anybody selecting an iPhone 6/6 Plus Case.

Thanks for reading,


A Day with the iPhone 6 Plus

Hi Readers,

Having just received my iPhone 6 Plus, I just thought of sharing my initial thoughts of the phone. I chose the iPhone 6 Plus over it’s smaller sibling the iPhone 6, purely for a new experience and the better specifications. The following are the iPhone 6 Plus’ specs:

– 5.5-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen
– Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology
– 1920×1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi
– New 8-megapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels
– Autofocus with Focus Pixels
– ƒ/2.2 aperture
– Optical image stabilisation (iPhone 6 Plus only)
– 1080p HD video recording (30 fps or 60 fps)
– True Tone flash
– Slo-mo video (120 fps or 240 fps)
– Time-lapse video
-Cinematic video stabilisation

(Specifications courtesy of :

Opening the box, I was overwhelmed by the size of the phone, although I have used it previously in stores. I have never used a Phablet to date, and it will sure take some time to get used to.

The design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, having used the LG G3 and the One Plus One. This is far from an ergonomically designed phone. The buttons can be a reach at times, and the bezels could be defined to a thinner profile.
However, I still feel this is best looking Phablet I have ever seen. I can justify the space for the Touch ID button, as it brings security and the potential new features in the future. But it’s that huge top! Although it makes it a symmetrically beautiful, the height of the phone prevents it from being more useable for a vaster range of users (smaller handed individuals 🙂 ).
The all aluminium design is a little slippery, but it was made redundant when I bought the amazing KNOMO London case (review coming soon!).
Overall, I love the design it’s simple and sleek. But there are imperfections, and too many which I did not expect from Apple.

The Retina HD 5.5 inch screen presents crisp vivid colours, and is one of the best smartphone screens I have seen to date.

One handed use is surprisingly comfortable for short periods of time, however for longer periods of time I have to use two hands.

The majority of apps are optimised for the 6 plus, on the other hand I was surprised apps such as TED talks are not; although are part of the “Essentials” app group. I hope in the near future all apps are optimised.

The speed of this phone is very impressive with the dual core A8 64-bit processor, even though it only has 1GB OF RAM.

The battery supposedly very good, but I have yet to use it in a working day to comment on how it performs. I will definitely be seeing how it performs in my full review.

In conclusion, my first two days have been a positive experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of apps on this phone, because of the screen resolution and extra screen capacity. The one thing that worries me is using it in summer, as I would not know where to keep it! -__-
Moreover, the design is sleek and I hope to enjoy the phone in the future. My full review will be out soon for both the 6 Plus and the KNOMO Snap case in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment giving me some ideas of how to keep this sort of phone for a super/skinny jean wearer and in the summer (shirt/t-shirt and shorts). LOL

Krish Jet 🙂

Google Glass the Future!

Hi readers,

With the progression of technology, we are immersed in a mind boggling array of wearable technology. However, one product that has caught all our eyes is Google Glass. Although, the product is yet to be released to the public; we have heard a lot of news about the features we will expect to see once this product is released officially. Google are still making amendments to the software and hardware in order to improve the experience. The Google Glass is open for the majority of over eighteens to test, by filling out their form; but this does come at a cost which is not stated.

The beauty of this product is that it is so versatile in terms of design. The aesthetics are unbelievably attractive and can clip onto any type of glasses; regardless or the shape or thickness ( it can also be worn without any frame). However, on the other hand some individuals oblivious to this type of technology will be a little skeptical; as it does look a little odd to wear a piece of glass and at times swipe gestures on the side of your face or speak randomly to know one when making commandments to glass.

The product has a variety of features and are more are being developed by third party users. The product is made for all uses, whether it’s used for sports, an adventure or just for the daily use. Glass is packed with cool features; from being able to take a picture, search on google, get directions,and keeping track of your fitness. Also, you can make a call or send a text, as glass only connects via the Bluetooth on your phone. And, there are many other features, like social media apps, instant translation and music. These, are only a few of the default fist party apps for the moment, with it opening up to developers who knows what’s next?

Overall, I think once this product is released it will be revolutionary. Although, it will take for everybody to get used to; it will soon be a staple tech piece for everyday use.

Thanks for reading,

Krish Jet

C6 Case Review : iPhone 5

Hi readers and bloggers, it’s Krish. A company named C6 kindly gave me a few cases for me to check out; one for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. Therefore, I will be giving you a full analysis of whether their cases are a must buy or a load of trash (I hope they are not!).

Let’s start with the iPhone 5 matt finish hard case.There are a variety of colours to choose from on their website which is great so you can choose to your preferences. I received two cases, one in a stone colour and one in a neon blue. The advantages of this case are as follows:

+ The case, is a snap case which allows it to fit the iPhone 5 like a glove, which is great it makes it feels like part of the iPhone; this is aided, by its thin, yet sturdy build.

+ The case is very easy to snap on and really fits well. But, taking off the case…

+ There is great accessibility to all buttons, the power, volume and mute switch. Which is great, just gives you a much better experience of using the case. The, lighting bolt connector, headphone jack and speakers are also exposed well, so sound is not effected and makes it easy to charge the phone. However, the camera is a different case.

+ Lastly the case, protects the phone well against small drops and still gives you a similar experience of not having a case on your phone because of it’s very  thin profile.



– The rubberised texture of the case, makes it a little slippery and it does take some time to.

– The gaps on the edges of the phone case to help in taking off the case, allows a lot of dust to get into the case making the back of the phone a little dirty. In my opinion. it’s a small issue for some, but someone like me who is obsessed with cleanliness its hard to adjust to.

– Although there are gaps in the edges of the case , to help in removing the case; it’s just does not help. I found it a job to take the case off, for cleaning. However, it’s not a very big problem and it’s easily forgotten.

– The camera hole is too small for the camera and flash. It makes it look a little cramped.

Overall, the iPhone is good, and does the job well. There are a few issues, however they are overruled by some of the most important key points which are perfectly executed.

Update 1.0 – Apple

Hi Bloggers and Readers, it’s Krish of AppEGaming. We appreciate your patience on the waiting of a new post, and we apologise for the wait. It was due to a few circumstances regarding our personal lives. However, we are back to our blogging ways and I hope you enjoy reading this post. Furthermore, we thank all our fans for helping us pass our first milestone of 10,000 views – we hope you can get us even more over the next few months and help our website become more prominent in the tech world.

So lets get stuck into the mind boggling vast array of rumours that have cropped up in the following weeks:

We all know that there is going to be a release of a new generation iPhone some time soon – the rumoured date is September 21st 2012, but the technical specifications and the hardware are lingering on our minds. What is this new iPhone going to look like and what are the core aspects of the phone. Many Apple design enthusiasts have come up with some wonderful mock up designs of the up and coming iPhone, some relatively close to what has been rumoured. But what excites us more are the leaked images of the shell of the next generation iPhone and it’s internal parts.Apple are at the moment competing with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is in my opinion is the best smartphone, software and internally. But also Samsung lately have grasped much of the phone market, with its large AMOLED backlit screens, brilliant 1080 p cameras, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Wiztouch software and the quad core processors. Apple, now in order to pip their rivals Samsung as the best phone manufacturers, will have to make their product ate the same level as the Galaxy SIII but even better – something Apple have been doing for years. The main rumours that have been circulating of the next generation iPhone consist of the following and many of these rumours have been backed up with the code hidden in iOS 6 and leaked images. The most likely change for the iPhone will be a bigger display, which in my opinion is needed, in order to compete with Samsung and many iPhone users want a bigger screen. It has been said a 4 inch Retina Display will replace the 3.5 inch display of the current iPhone 4S. Pictures leaked have shown that the new iPhone will not have a wider screen but a taller screen which would add to the length of the new iPhone. Also iOS simulator shows five rows of icons when you have your app at a certain size ratio, hinting on a bigger screen. Another big rumour, is a 9 pin connector will replace the current 30 pin connector, something that I will love, as it allows Apple to make the iPhone thinner and have bigger speakers- something which also has been rumoured. Other rumours say, that the next iPhone will have a quad core processor and 4G LTE, something I will not doubt and I truly believe this will occur. Other smaller rumours include, the FaceTime camera will be at the centre of the screen above the microphone. The headphone jack will be at the bottom of the phone, something I don’t like. Lastly the iPhone will have an aluminium back replacing the wretched glass back which is so fragile.

The other big rumour is, that there is going to be a 7.85 inch iPad released along with the new iPhone. Apple, have not really liked the 7 inch size however with the new Google Nexus 7, Apple will have to change their minds because those tablets are flying off the shelves. It has been rumoured that it will have the same specs as the iPad 2. So it means, it will not have a retina display, but it may have an A5X processor. The camera will be 720p and will have the same form factor as the second and third generation iPad. In order for it to compete with Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, it will have to have a low price range starting from $200. It should have 4G LTE, but I think it will only pack a 8GB storage and a dual core processor.

Thanks for reading blogger and readers, I hope you like the post. Please leave comments down below to give your thoughts, we will reply to them. Subscribe to our RSS Feed, like our Facebook Page and follow us on twitter at AppEGaming. Thanks for reading and we will catch you later. 🙂

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The “New iPad”: A Review

The iPad 3 was released, after much anticipation, in March and by now users have had the time to truly experience the magic that is a newly released Apple product. Deemed “the new iPad,” many criticize the name but few have reason to criticize the product. It’s not a stretch to say that the majority of users are ecstatic and that Apple has, yet again, released an innovative product other producers will scramble to duplicate.



The new iPad looks pretty much the same externally as the iPad 2. It’s only slightly thicker (.6mm) and heavier (.11 lbs) than its predecessor; this is due to its need for a bigger battery to support all of its new internal features. The volume, home, etc. buttons, speakers, camera, and docking connector are all in the same location as the iPad 2. The internal hardware, however, is another story. With the “new iPad” comes 3 features that will change tablets forever.
First is the new iPad’s 5MP rear-facing camera. An enormous improvement from the iPad 2’s 1MP rear-facing camera, users are thrilled to say the least; the camera on the iPad 2 was source of disappointment due to its grainy quality. A problem no more, users have the ability to take high-quality photos with their new iPad.
Second and most importantly is the new iPad’s insane 9.7 –inch Retina Display. With resolution that beats Blu-ray, the new iPad’s screen resolution is 2048 x 1536. This translates to 4x the number of pixels on the iPad 2’s display and a million more than a typical 1080p television.
Third is the new iPad’s A5X processor hosting quad-core graphics, a necessary upgrade to support the tablet’s quality display.


The new iPad is the first product beyond the iPhone 4s that was created to be compatible with iOS 5.1. With said operating system comes iMessage, the updated drop-down notification system, mirrored airplay, location-based reminders, new multi-tasking gestures, Twitter integration, and all of the other features inherent in the newest iOS upgrade.
Other major improvements
One can’t discuss the new iPad without mentioning its optional 4g LTE wireless capabilities. Those on Verizon and AT&T have the option via sim card to access downloads as high as 25Mbps and uploads as high as 19Mbps.
As with any new product, people waste no time pointing out the features that could use improvement. The cons to the new iPad are as follows:
• The docking connector, a feature of complaint on the iPad 2, remains unchanged.
• The front-facing VGA camera, typically used for Facetime, was not upgraded beyond the iPad 2’s 640×480 resolution camera.
• Due to the high resolution of the retina display, battery life is shorter than on the previous model.
• 4G LTE users will find their data usage ridiculously high.
• The need for higher quality media will require more expensive media purchases, such as movies, music, and images.
Madeline Johnson is a writer and blogger. After graduating from the University of Texas, she began her career as a freelance writer and now focuses on topics ranging from business to law. At the moment, she spends much of her time writing about slip and fall cases, to provide those with no legal experience useful information to help them through the legal process.


Guest post by Madeline Johnson 


Follow me on Instagram @CJHuddlestone (Cameron Huddlestone). Over the past month I have been trying out the application known as instaram which has recently been ported to android. Using this I have been able to created an array of high quality photos and then edit them. To edit them I have used two programs in particular. First off the native instagram application, which comes with an array of different effect that are subtle, yet give your photography a cleaner and more professional edge. Adding to this I often overlay my instagram pictures using an application called pixlr. This has an equally mass range of effects but has the option of additional borders and overlays. Im a person who’s not often fond of borders on work but after taking a look at some of the effects on Pixlr Ive changed my mind. Pixlr adds effects to your photos that make it look professional and match a range of scenarios. Adding to this, Pixlr is also a handy application as it has an option to download more layer, overlays, wallpapers and effects. With the combination of instagram and Pixlr your will become a photographer in no time! Check out some of my recent instagram photos uploaded to Flickr at Thanks and please support by following me on instagram at CJHuddlestone.


Cameron Huddlestone

Example of newest piece shown below:

New AppEGaming Wallpapers!

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Hi bloggers and readers it’s Krish, today I happily announce that AppEGaming are having a makeover. The icon is changing and we have a new theme. Also we will be adding more olympic themed areas to to our website to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games. Today I made some quick wallpapers using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop so please use them as wallpapers on all of your devices. Thanks for supporting us and please spread the name of AppEGaming. More guest posts are coming soon! Please comment!

Krish of AppEGaming :p

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iPad 3: What All the Fuss is About?

Hi readers and bloggers, it’s another guest post by Alexis Tate. If you want to write a guest post email us at, thanks and I hope you enjoy the post. 

In case you’re one of the few that hasn’t heard, the iPad 3 hit the market last month.  And it hit big.  But what’s all the fuss about?  After all, it’s not like this new tablet is unheard of.  There were 2 models before it, so how much could this new one have changed from them?  The fact is that the iPad 3 is a big deal and, as usual, Apple has broken technological barriers with its new product.


The iPad 3’s graphics processing unit (GPU) is a substantial upgrade from the iPad 2; gamers who bought an iPad 2 merely 6 months prior to the iPad 3’s release are even considering switching.  The iPad 2 had a 1 GHz dual core A5 processor with dual core GPU; meanwhile, the new iPad has a 1 Ghz dual core A5X processor with quad core GPU.  This translates to images loading much more quickly and a more realistic gaming experience.


The cameras on the new iPad are also an upgrade from the iPad 2.  The iPad 2’s rear-facing less than 1 mp camera could record a 720p HD video and had a front-facing VGA camera.  The new iPad’s camera, on the other hand, has 5 MP rear-facing camera and can record HD video and photos at 1080p; it also has a front-facing VGA camera.


Many are also excited about the new iPad’s 4G LTE network option.  Users can opt for an iPad with 4G LTE, the “fastest cellular network in the world” according to Apple, capabilities.


This is perhaps the most impressive and talked about feature of the new iPad.  The iPad 2 came equipped with 9.7-inch touch 1024×768 pixel display.  The new iPad, on the other hand, has made technological history with its 9.7-inch touch 2048×1536 pixel Retina Display; its new retina display is a quality beyond that of the popular 1920×1080 display found on Blu-ray and full HD displays.

Additionally, those who use their iPad as an e-reader have found that the iPad 3 has cut down on the glare many had complained they experienced on previous models.

People’s Complaints, and Why They’re Silly

As with any product, there are people making some complaints about the new iPad.  The first, as you may have heard, is that the new iPad gets really hot.  Analysis found that the new iPad gets about 13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2, though even this elevated temperature isn’t something harmful to users.  User complaints about he increased temperature are beyond silly.  For one thing, it’s not a surprise that the new iPad would be warmer than its predecessors.  It’s new display and faster gaming capabilities mean that the tablet must work harder than its previous model.  For another, those complaining are mostly gamers using the tablet more than an average user would; like as long as the duration of the iPad’s battery life (10 hours).

Another complaint is that the new iPad’s battery life is shorter than the iPad 2.  And, again, this is a silly complaint.  It only makes sense that battery life would be shorter when one considers the vast processor, camera, and display improvements.

Alexis Tate is a writer offering us a guest post about the new iPad 3.  Alexis writes on a variety of topics, but her passion lies in law.  After realizing that lawyers represent themselves falsely to citizens in need of legal help, Alexis began writing educational articles to help citizens find a good <a href=””>medical  malpractice attorneys</a>